About Us


IT Galaxy PVT LTD is a leading reseller and retailer in the Computer and Accessories sector in Sri Lanka. A brand that is constantly growing in order to keep up with the advancing needs of their customers, IT Galaxy PVT LTD was one of the first of its kind.

In nearly 20 years, IT Galaxy PVT LTD has become a one-stop shop for all your computer needs, handling several world class brands and maintaining a high-class customer service.

Today, IT Galaxy PVT LTD offers a spectrum of IT peripherals, including Branded PCs, Notebooks, Computer Accessories, LCD, Branded PPCs, and several other Smart Devices. Operating as a multi-branded hub, IT Galaxy PVT LTD houses world renowned IT brands, acting as authorized distributors for Asus, HP, MSI, Dell, Lenovo and Logitech.

Apart from being a utopian Computer Accessory store, IT Galaxy PVT LTD is also known for its exceptional customer care. We believe that the building and maintenance of customer relationships do not end with the mere closing of a sale, but also includes good customer after-sales service.

We ensure that our customers receive the best customer service, with quality after-sales services and exclusive warranty support, by our benevolent, professionally qualified staff who are ever-ready to assist our customers and guide them in making the best decision they possibly could, in satisfying their computer needs.

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